TENDER: Video Infographer for Enhancing Awareness and Promoting the Utilization of the RCEP Agreement – ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025 Implementation Project

Status: CLOSED

Deadline of submission: 6 February 2024, 5 PM Jakarta time (GMT +7)



To leverage the opportunities presented by the RCEP Agreement, a series of short videos on RCEP will be developed as part of ASEAN’s public communication strategy. These videos will be designed to bridge the gap between the technical legal language of the agreement and the practical needs of the private sector, especially MSMEs. These videos are intended to be widely disseminated to the public, including through social media channels, to inform and educate stakeholders on the benefits of the RCEP Agreement. The primary objective of the videos is to enhance the understanding of the business sector especially MSMEs, about the RCEP agreement. In particular, the videos will focus on “Unlocking Trade Opportunities with RCEP: A Guide for Businesses”. In this vein, the videos will focus on explaining the benefits of RCEP vis-à-vis other existing ASEAN+1 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to help businesses gain more awareness about RCEP and help them choose which FTA to utilize when trading. The videos should help businesses, especially MSMEs, understand RCEP as a viable alternative to other existing FTAs by explaining the specific provisions of RCEP and how these can be maximized depending on their specific production of supply chain structure.

For more details, please refer to this project’s TOR Videoinfographics on RCEP_Final



Applicants should send their Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal on two separate emails with a cover letter, materials specified in section IX above and other supporting documents to tender@aus4aseanfutures.org, no later than 6 February 2024 at 5:00pm Jakarta time (GMT +7).

Title of the tender shall be put as the subject of each email as follows:
– Technical Proposal_“Part-Time Video Infographer”_Name of Vendor
– Financial Proposal_“Part-Time Video Infographer”_Name of Vendor

Late submissions will be disqualified. Large documents (>5MB) can be submitted in parts through several emails. Proposals that are incomplete or do not address the required criteria may not be considered in the review process.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please visit https://www.aus4aseanfutures.org/tender-frequently-asked-question/

Any queries on the TOR should be sent by email to query@aus4aseanfutures.org before 31 January 2024. Please use subject line: “Query on Part-Time Video Infographer”.

Response to received queries will be published at https://www.aus4aseanfutures.org until 9 February 2024. There will be no individual responses/replies provided for queries. Please check the page regularly for updates.

All documents not submitted in English shall not be considered and quoted price in the submission shall be in US Dollar.




1. In IV. Task and Activities, particularly regarding the video output format, could you clarify whether the expected output is a full animation (similar to RCEP Infographic Video) or a combination of b-roll and infographics (similar to ACRF 2023)? (Posted on 25 January 2024)

Regarding the video output format in IV. Task and Activities, we are indeed open to various creative ideas proposed by the bidders. However, a combination of b-roll and infographics (similar to ACRF 2023) would be preferable for the audience, as it is targeted to businesses. Therefore, it would be more relatable to them, as it does not rely heavily on animation.

Bidder may refer to the following video for reference: USMCA vs NAFTA, explained with a toy car 


2. In V. Scope of Services, which mentions a part-time timeline from March to September 2024 with approximately up to 80 days of professional services, could you provide a more detailed breakdown of the scope of work within this timeline? (Posted on 25 January 2024)

Milestone 1:  Storyboards for each video

Content Development, including:

  • Inception meeting with selected consultant
  • Development of Storyline (including Key Messages)
  • Creation of video scripts and storyboards
  • Identification and determination of animation styles, visuals, and branding guidelines

Recording of voice-over by specialist voice talent of ASEC’s choice

March 2024 – April 2024
Milestone 2: Draft Infographic Videos

Video Production, including:

  • Production of a series of animated videos with engaging visuals, including motion graphics
  • Incorporation of sound effects and background music as required

Addition of English subtitles for all videos

May 2024 – July 2024
Milestone 3: Final Infographic Videos

  • Revision and Finalization, including:
  • Revision of the videos, as required and without additional charge, to ensure that the videos reflect all the comments and requirements of ASEC
  • Export the final videos for sharing and publishing

Provision of videos and all assets in editable formats to ASEC

July 2024 – September 2024
Publication of the videos September 2024


3. V. Scope of Services (page 4 of 18 of the TOR): Will the scope of work include/require video shooting? For example, recording interviews with key stakeholders or experts to explain the RCEP Agreement and the opportunities it offers for MSMEs or an industry expert detailing the impact to a given industry/region. If so, is the vendor allowed to propose the number of days of shooting or does the Australia for ASEAN Futures already have a number of shoot days estimated or a possible interview list of representatives/stakeholders/experts or beneficiaries. (Posted on 1 February 2024)

As outlined in the requirements of the TOR, the envisioned video content primarily consists of infographics, animation, and potentially a combination of b-roll footage. As of now, we do not foresee the need for video shooting, such as recording interviews with key stakeholders or experts.

4. IX. Submission of Application (page 6 of 18 of the TOR): Since it is stated in the TOR that large documents (>5MB) can be submitted in parts through several emails, would it be acceptable to provide the submission by Google drive as our technical proposal and other documents exceed the 5MB? (Posted by 1 February 2024)

Submission of proposals can be submitted via Google drive.







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