Tender – Frequently Asked Question

The following FAQ applies to the tender of projects supported by Australia for ASEAN Futures – Economic & Connectivity (Aus4ASEAN Futures (ECON)). Questions not listed in this page can be sent to query@aus4aseanfutures.org, with subject as stated in the tender Terms of Reference (TOR).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are firms located outside ASEAN member states eligible to apply for Aus4ASEAN Futures-supported consultancy project?


  1. Can consortiums apply to Aus4ASEAN Futures-supported consultancy project?


  1. Can Aus4ASEAN Futures provide budget estimate for the project?


  1. Is there a format or template for the proposal/ bid submission?

No. Any format, including text and slide handouts, is acceptable as long as the document contains the required information as requested in the Terms of References (TOR).

  1. It is stated in the Terms of Reference that “Costs will be based upon prevailing ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) rates.” What costs does this sentence refer to?

This sentence refers to reimbursable costs, which include per-diems (daily subsistence allowance/DSA), transportation and other non-services costs. This does not include professional fees. In relation to this, reimbursable costs do not need to be included in the proposal/bid, since this will not affect the assessment of the proposals.

  1. What is the ASEC rate?

ASEC issues guidelines and monthly rates for the purpose of calculating per-diem (DSA), which will apply to all Aus4ASEAN Futures-supported projects and consultants. The guidelines and prevailing rates will be made available to the winning bidder at the contracting stage, and at any time in the course of the project when travel is planned.

  1. What should be included in the professional fee?

The professional fee should include the service fee of experts and any applicable management fee and personal/travel/health insurance. ASEC does not withhold any kind of taxes/levy, income whatsoever, therefore any applicable tax should already be included in the professional fee.

  1. Can costs be quoted in currencies other than USD (American Dollar)?

No. All costs should be quoted in USD.