TENDER: Development of the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI) 2026-2035: Phase II

Status: CLOSED

Deadline of submission: 9 July 2024, 23:59 Jakarta time (GMT+7)



We are pleased to announce the opening of a project tender aimed at formulating the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology, and Innovation (APASTI) for 2026-2035. This initiative seeks to advance economic growth, innovation, and sustainability across the ASEAN region. The project will involve a comprehensive review of current STI strategies, stakeholder engagement, and the development of a forward-looking policy document that prioritizes inclusivity and gender equality. We invite your participation in this vital endeavour to shape a prosperous and resilient future for the ASEAN community.

Terms of Reference: TOR_APASTI_2026-2035



Tenderers shall send their Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal via two separate emails, attaching the respective cover letters and materials specified in Section VIII above and other supporting documents to tender@aus4aseanfutures.org and aus4aseanfutures@asean.org no later than 9 July 2024 at 23:59 Jakarta time (GMT +7). Large documents (>5MB) can be submitted in parts through several emails. Late submissions will be disqualified.

Tenderers shall use the following email subjects when separately submitting their technical and financial proposals:

  • Technical Proposal_”Development of the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI) 2026-2035: Phase II”_Name of Vendor
  • Financial Proposal_”Development of the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science, Technology and Innovation (APASTI) 2026-2035: Phase II”_Name of Vendor

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please visit https://www.aus4aseanfutures.org/tender-frequently-asked-question/.

Any queries on the TOR should be sent by email to query@aus4aseanfutures.org before 4 July 2024. Please use the subject line: “Query – APASTI 2026-2035.”

Response to received queries will be published at Aus4ASEAN Futures’ website (https://www.aus4aseanfutures.org/). No individual responses or replies will be provided for queries. Please check the page regularly for updates.




1. Travel expenses: can you clarify whether project travel expenses for the consultants to travel to Jakarta and across ASEAN Member States (i.e. to attend meetings and workshops) should be included in the Financial Component? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

 If the travel expenses are related to project activities, such costs should not be included in the financial component. However, if the travel is for coordination purposes within your organization, then these costs should be included in the financial component.


2. Regional workshops design: do you have any preference on whether the expected 5 regional workshops should be conducted in-person or online? If in-person, do you have any preference on the country location where the workshops should be conducted? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

The preference will be in-person workshop, to ensure the discussion is more engaging. There is no specific preference for the location, but understandably it should be convenient for all stakeholders invited.


3. Regional workshops costs: in case of in-person workshops, should the costs to organise the regional workshops (i.e. venues, refreshments) be included in the Financial component? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

No.  Please refer to Tender TOR.


4. COSTI-86 meeting in October 2024: the consultants are expected to present project progress at the COSTI-86 meeting in Singapore in October 2024; would this presentation be online or in-person? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

Yes. The consultants are expected to present the progress update in-person during COSTI-86 meeting.


5. COSTI meetings in May 2025 and video recording: the consultants are expected to present at the COSTI meetings in May 2025 and capture video for video montage. Can you provide more information on: (Posted on 3 July 2024)

a) The location of the meetings: It will be in Indonesia, exact location will be announced in due course.

b) The number of days/meetings to be attended: 2 days

c) Whether there is a preferred supplier to capture the video: No.

d) If the costs to make the professional video should be included in the Financial component?  Yes, this should be part of professional fee.


6. Has the implementation review for the APASTI 2026-2035 been conducted? Are the findings publicly available for applicants to view? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

The mid term review has been completed. The report will be shared with the successful bidder at the commencement of the assignment.


7. What is the expected length of the Project Inception Report and Project Completion Report? Can these reports be delivered as a slide decks outlining the overall approach milestones and other critical steps? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

The end product can be an infographic deck AND a brief report. This review evaluates the effectiveness of strategies and initiatives outlined in APASTI, highlighting achievements, challenges, and areas for improvement. Through rigorous analysis and stakeholder consultations, the review identifies lessons learned and best practices to inform future STI policies and programs. It will contribute to the refinement and enhancement of APASTI 2026-2035, ensuring its relevance and impact in shaping the ASEAN region’s STI landscape.


8. On page 3 the (expected) outline of the 50-page report is mentioned, which includes: a budget, a complete M&E plan, a communication plan even, infographics, a video, and much more. On page 7, however, it states that all this needs to be done in 5 days (+5 days after feedback). Are this 5 days correct? (Posted on 3 July 2024)

The 5 days listed in the table is the indicative person working day for the finalization of the end product (and another 5 days after receiving feedback). Please note there is also another 45 days allocated for the drafting (last segment on page 6), which we believe is sufficient for the consultant shortlisted to deliver a good quality work.







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