TENDER: Development of the AEC Post-2025 Study

Status: CLOSED

Deadline of submission: 19 January 2024, 5 PM Jakarta time (GMT +7)


The Study will consider the varied economic circumstances and development across ASEAN Member States and provide the required guidance for policymakers to formulate appropriate evidence-based measures to ensure that the next chapter of ASEAN’s economic integration will be forward-looking, action-oriented, enterprising, adaptable, nimble, sustainable, and inclusive. This comprehensive study needs to build upon existing initiatives under ASEAN Political-Security and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Communities Pillar. Towards that goal, the activities required will include, amongst others, desk-based research, as well as in-depth consultations with ASEAN Member States (AMS). A stocktaking and the consolidation of existing initiatives related to economic integration will be necessary to avoid duplication.

With this perspective, conducting a comprehensive study on AEC Post-2025 will provide a crucial foundation for AEC to draft its post-2025 Strategic Plan. The study will complement the End-Term review of AEC Blueprint 2025, as well as engagement exercises with various stakeholders. The aim is to ensure the economic components of the Strategic Plan will be forward-looking, action-oriented, sustainable, enterprising, adaptable, nimble, and inclusive.

For more details, please refer to this project’s Terms of Reference.

Please submit via email a cover letter, materials specified in Section IX of the TOR above, and other supporting documents with “Development of the AEC Post-2025” as the subject to tender@aus4aseanfutures.org, no later than 19 January 2024 at 5 PM Jakarta time (GMT+7). Large documents (>5MB) can be submitted in parts through several emails. Late submissions will be disqualified.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit https://www.aus4aseanfutures.org/tender-frequently-asked-question/.

Any queries on the TOR should be sent by email to procurement@aus4aseanfutures.org before 14 January 2024. Please use the subject line: “Query: Development of the AEC Post-2025”. There will be no individual responses/replies provided for queries.



1. “Form D. Customer/Previous Work Reference” (page 16). Are these references mandatory to be submitted, which would disqualify bidders if fail to provide it? (Posted on 10 January 2024) 

Form D is mandatory.


2. “Form E. Cover Letter for Financial Proposal” (page 18). Would it be acceptable to exclude the wordings “We acknowledge and accept your right to inspect and audit all records relating to our Proposal irrespective of whether we enter into a contract with ASEAN as a result of this proposal and not”? (Posted on 10 January 2024)

The statement cannot be excluded from the letter (Form E).


3. In the case of bidders submit the proposal with some of work scopes will be sub-contracted to collaborating partner, where we do not form a formal Joint Venture/Consortium/Association (JVCA), will this case still be considered by Aus4ASEAN Futures as proposal submitted under JVCA scheme? (Posted on 11 January 2024)

Should bidder sub-contracted the work under non-JVCA formal agreement, the responsibilities of work and invoices should fall on the winning bidder in accordance with the contract which will need to be sign at a later stage between ASEAN and the winning bidder.


4. What would be the use case of “Authority of Signatory” submission that is expected for the context of this bidding? (Posted on 11 January 2024)

Person who has the legal authority to sign contract on behalf of the company.


5. Is there any specific weight of scoring for each part requested in the ToR? What are the technical evaluation criteria? (Updated on 15 January 2024)

There will be weight scoring on the qualification based on the ToR. However, we will not be able to disclose the scoring indicators. We will not be able to disclose the technical evaluation criteria either.


6. Since the TOR only specifies qualification for a team leader, please confirm whether the bidder can propose the qualification for other team members/experts? (Posted on 15 January 2024)

Pease provide the qualifications for other team members/experts.


7. Do bidders have to propose the project team structure in the proposal? (Posted on 15 January 2024)

Please provide the project team structure in the proposal.


8. What do you refer by “Sectoral Workplan” mentioned in the RFP? (Posted on 15 January 2024)

This refers to sectoral body work plan governing the AEC Post 2025 study.


9. Can the documents mentioned in the TOR be shared to the bidder, e.g., Mid Term and End Term Review of AEC Blueprint 2025, Concept Note, M&E Framework under AEC, etc.? (Posted on 15 January 2024)

We will not be able to disclose the documents mentioned in the TOR.


10. Could you please share the maximum fee for the proposal? (Posted on 15 January 2024)

We will not be able to  disclose the maximum fee for the proposal.


11. Is it possible for the submission deadline to be extended? (Posted on 16 January 2024)

No extension on the submission deadline.


12. Is Form F. Financial Proposal a required form that we need to submit or can we skip the form and copy the cost breakdown table by deliverables and include the relevant information in a PowerPoint format as submission?

Concerning confidentiality, please submit the Form F (Financial Proposal) and cost breakdown separately from the Technical Proposal.


13. For the cost breakdown, is it ok to just submit the cost breakdown by milestones and not FTE?

Please submit the cost breakdown by professional fee and deliverable/milestone as stated in the Form F.I and F.II (page 19).







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